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  • Interview with Natalie Moss of Simply Newborn Photography

  • Simply Newborn Photography

    I have just had the pleasure of interviewing Natalie Moss, of Simply Newborn Photography.  Here are her responses: 

    What do you love most about your job?

    Getting to have lots of cuddles with cute babies!! I love photographing pregnant mums and being able to create for them some wonderful images of this amazing time. I then enjoy watching them come for their newborn sessions, and just seeing the special bond they have with their new babies. I love being able to capture images of their babies in the first few days to allow them to cherish these forever. Additionally, I love it when those newborns come back at 6 months or for their first birthday celebrations photos, as it’s great to see how they have developed into the little characters they are. For me, Simply Newborn Photography is about capturing memories! 

    How do mum to be/mums benefit from your services?

    I create beautiful images of their children that they can cherish forever.


    Is safety and handling newborns important?

    I'm professionally trained in newborn photography and safety and I am a member of the Masters Photography Association and have won numerous awards with the National Photographic Society. The safety of your newborn is the most important thing during a session, so I am trained in how to safely pose and composite images and how to handle and soothe newborns. I have undertaken training with some of the best:

    Melanie East from the Art of Newborn; Kelly Brown from Little Pieces Photography; Russ Jackson from Russ Jackson Photography 

    If you had to give one piece of advice to expectant mums/mums regarding what you do, what would it be?

    If you do decide to have some photographs taken of your newborn, book in before you are due, after your 20 week scan. Newborn photography is ideally done between 6-12 days, hence, by booking in advance, you can guarantee a session. Newborns grow so quickly, so make sure you don’t miss the chance.

    Finally, how do we find out more?

    For further information, please visit www.simplynewbornphotography.co.uk or email info@simplynewbornphotography.co.uk. You can also visit their facebook page:

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