Hatha Flow Yoga Summer Practice | 60 min. | Body Soul Yoga

In case you missed it…  This Hatha Flow Yoga, Summer Vinyasa Sequence, is a lesson that you may like to use over the summer to maintain strength and flexibility in the body and mind. In just 60 minutes it will also give yourself a huge boost of energy and Prana – Yoga oxygen!  This yoga sequence is designed to work the body from the head to the toes. It is suitable for all. Be kind to yourself and take the posture/pose or sequence variation that is right for you today. This yoga lesson finishes with a short relaxation/ yoga nidra meditation.

So, if you missed your yoga practice this week, or need to keep busy while it is wet and rainy outside, this is the practice for you.

And we hope to see you in September when out group classes resume.


Posted 23 July 2020