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    Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey with Faye Koe. Challenging, fun yoga for all. Join us for this flowing, varied, energetic yoga to improve health, stamina, body tone, strength and happiness...

  • At Body Soul Yoga Faye Koe teaches Hatha Flow Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga to all levels of students, from beginner to advanced yogi; in Walton-on-Thames Surrey, KT12 and in Ibiza.  Beginners are introduced to the yoga asanas/postures and as they become more advanced they are taught a flowing and dynamic sequence of yoga moves; where the breath and the body become synchronized, in a dance-like flowing sequence of yoga postures.  When the breath and the body become synchronized the body starts to warm up, as it increases the digestive fire or agni.  This is the fat burning zone. 

    Faye encourages students to listen to their bodies and to be kind to their bodies, whilst recognizing that, with the use of the breath, the body can go deeper into postures, and the student can really let go of remaining tensions and tiredness in the body.  Students can challenge themselves in these classes but alternatively,   each student can work at the pace and level that they are at, at that particular moment, as alternative postures and options are given.


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  • The Benefits of Hatha Flow Vinyasa Yoga

    As students become more advanced Faye's Hatha Flow Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga classses become more dynamic and stronger.  The varied classes are inspired by her Hatha and Ashtanga teachings over the last 14 years. 

    A dedicated practitioner will become strong, supple, calm, grounded and balanced.

    Students quickly see the benefits of Faye's Hatha Flow Yoga and Flow Yoga classes, as they become more toned, more flexible, stronger, more balanced, slimmer, have better posture, more confidence, less anxiety, and sleep better.  Students have come to Faye with problems including anxiety and back ache and hip pain, all of which have been reduced or alleviated by her yoga sessions here at Body Soul Yoga, in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 and in Ibiza.

    Yoga classes are challenging and fun, and you will come out having felt the benefit of the class both physically and mentally.  The perfect combination of a workout followed by a good relaxation, that will leave you feeling energized and rejuvenated.


  • Faye teaches yoga with an emphasis on health and fitness; encouraging students to challenge themselves whilst emphasizing the non competitive nature of yoga. She is also aware that safety and an awareness of the body, breath, soul and mind is the key to a successful yoga practice.

    The Yoga Flow classes are suitable for all abilities, save for absolute beginners, (where we would recommend our beginners private sessions first); and then students are invited to work at their own pace and level.

    Please note the classes are not suitable for pregnant women or postnatal women prior to 3 months, or those recovering from illness.  The classes are challenging depending on your level of fitness.

    Body Soul Yoga - For a Healthier, Stronger, Slimmer You.

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