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    Scentered Aromatherapy Products Review

    We were really excited last week when a parcel of products from Scentered arrived.  Scentered is a new British company that offers a 100% natural range of aromatherapy candles and therapy balms.  As you know, the sense of smell can evoke memories and feelings.  Scentered's aromatherapy products aim, through scent, to encourage good feelings and emotions; to help you stay centered [...]

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    The Unexpected Benefits of Yoga and Pilates

    The Unexpected Benefits of Yoga and Pilates Today's guest blogger is Neal McGaffin. He talks about the unexpected benefits of yoga and pilates. Thank you Neal. Pilates and yoga are often associated with people into fitness and who are looking to lose weight and tone their bodies, without relying on traditional weights. Some people may also be under the impression that these activities are easy [...]

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    San Mukhi Mudra and Yoga Twists

    San Mukhi Mudra Last week in our yoga classes we spent time with San Mukhi Mudra, the six gates lock.  “Mudra” means gesture.  The six gates lock essentially blocks our six senses, including our sixth sense of perception and intuition.  This Mudra is said to be relaxing, comforting, quietening, rejuvenating and helps to establish peace and tranquillity.  This [...]

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