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  • September Yoga Newsletter Body Soul Yoga Walton Surrey

    We are delighted to say that our yoga classes resume on Monday 11 September at 9.30am, Walton on Thames, Surrey; with our Hatha Yoga Vinyasa Flow group class. We still have spaces in the following classes: Monday 10.45 - 11.45am Hatha Flow Yoga Class, which is suitable for all. £57  1pm - 2.30pm  New Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs 12 week Course, suitable for all. £56 [...]

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    1What is Reiki with Newlands Reiki?

    I interviewed Hilary from Newlands Reiki in Shepperton.   Here is my interview with her: What is Reiki? I have been asked many times to explain Reiki and while it's easy to say its a light touch therapeutic healing from Japan; Reiki is best understood when it’s experienced. What’s it used for ? Headaches; back ache; physical pain, that can be related to injuries; or medical [...]

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    YHLB Course Date and Information

    YOGA FOR HEALTHY LOWER BACKS SPECIFIC COURSE INFORMATION SHEET AND COURSE DATES... Mondays from 11 September 2017,   1pm – 2.30pm,  Body Soul Yoga, Walton on Thames, Surrey.  On day 1:  Please arrive 15 - 20 minutes early.  The 12 course dates are listed above.             Unable to attend Class 1? – Please contact your [...]

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    Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Course Information

    YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs   This is a: Specialised, Evidence-Based 12-Week Course [The University of York, Department of Health Sciences, York Trials Unit Arthritis Research UK] Gentle * Effective * Enjoyable Quality * Small Group Classes Unique * Specific * Individualised Beginner-Friendly * Cost-Effective Teaches and Motivates Health & Wellbeing and [...]

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    News Simply Newborn Photography Interview

    I have just had the pleasure of interviewing Natalie Moss, of Simply Newborn Photography.  Here are her responses:  What do you love most about your job? Getting to have lots of cuddles with cute babies!! I love photographing pregnant mums and being able to create for them some wonderful images of this amazing time. I then enjoy watching them come for their newborn sessions, and just [...]

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    Napercize The 40 Winks Workout

    A recent fad hitting Surrey is Napercise, offered by David Lloyd Health Clubs.   But is this a new phenomena?   Most people think that relaxing is very simple: just lay back and close your eyes.  But if the mind is too active, or the body holds tension, resting and relaxing can be very difficult. And how effective is this nap if you are already exhausted and your mind is replaying [...]

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    Release Body Tension Wiith Yoga | Body Soul Yoga | Blog

    Body Tension -  Let go of anything you're holding onto... anything that does not serve you. This week at BODY SOUL YOGA we are working with body tension: Identifying it, and learning to release and let go of it. From a yogic perspective, all bodily tension has a cause:  Relationships, anger, fatigue, stress, and even something that happened many years ago may still [...]

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    Yoga Over Easter Holidays Surrey Walton

    We are running some yoga classes over the Easter holidays.  Please call us to book your space on 07837343251.  Please find enclosed the timetable below:If your regular yoga class in Walton on Thames is not running in the Easter holidays, why not try one of our yoga classes?  The daytime classes have been scheduled for a 10.30am start, giving you time to drop your children off at [...]

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