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    Private pregnancy, antenatal, pre natal yoga and birth preparation classes are suitable for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners at Body Soul Yoga, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. It is never too late in your pregnancy to start pregnancy yoga/ pre natal/ antenatal yoga, so please contact us for more information. All of our Pregnancy yoga and birthing classes are taught by Faye Koe, a mother of 2 children, and a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher. We offer individual or small intimate group pregnancy yoga and birth preparation classes, here in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy.

    We teach pregnancy yoga and birth preparation classes to small groups, individuals, couples or small intimate groups; on a group and also on a private basis. 

    At Body Soul Yoga Faye Koe teaches Pregnancy Yoga to pregnant women after 14 weeks, as general guidance advises that you should rest during the 1st trimester. Yoga can be practiced through the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, until you have your baby. Faye teaches pregnancy yoga to individuals and small intimate groups, on a private basis, to ensure the safety of your baby and you.

    Our studio is at Body Soul Yoga, Walton on Thames, Surrey.

    Feel free to have a private one to one session, or team up with a few friends and create your own group. Please contact us for more information.


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  • Faye Koe Yoga Teacher

    Faye Koe has practiced yoga for over 14 years; and has taught pregnancy yoga since giving birth to her two children, who are now 10 and 8.   She recognizes the need for yoga at all stages of life, and particularly during this amazing and unique experience.  She was taught pre natal Yoga at the Active Birth Centre in Highgate, London, by Janet Balaskas and Wendy Teasdill and has a Yoga Teaching Diploma from the British Wheel of Yoga.

  • "Doing pregnancy yoga is the best decision I made.  Faye knows exactly how much to push me and guides me in a reassuring way.  Being a young mum of two she has the experience of pregnancy and understands what I am feeling.  She has given some valuable advice which at times I feel is even better than my midwife's! What I love about my classes are that we do an amazing variety of exercises so it is not repetitive and a new challenge, also every week she gives advice as to what I should be doing at the current stage I'm in.  As a teacher and person Faye has a warmth and incredible way of encouraging me.  She really knows how the body works, she is able to explain what to do in a simple manner to ensure the exercises are done correctly.  I like the way she explains the benefits of each exercise and just goes straight into an exercise rather than explaining it too much. I love the combination of exercise and relaxation. I cannot recommend yoga with Faye enough.  Since starting I am now not afraid of labour as Faye has given me an abundance of reassurance and it will be her words I will be taking to the labour ward, I'm sure. A massive thank you for being such an inspirational and vital person during my pregnancy." Luisa Genco.

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  • The Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

    The benefits of our Pregnancy Yoga and antenatal classes at Body Soul Yoga Walton on Thames, Surrey:

    • Keeps you fit and strong
    • Allows you to maintain and improve your flexibility and muscle tone
    • Promotes a healthy birth
    • Aids a quicker recovery after birth
    • Increases you energy
    • Improves your sleep
    • Improves blood flow and circulation
    • Strengthens your birthing muscles
    • Allows time for you to connect and bond with the baby growing inside you
    • Makes you more aware of your breath
    • Helps you develop breathing exercises that you can use during contractions and when its ready to push
    • Increases your lung capacity
    • Provides you with knowledge about your pregnancy and birth
    • Allows you to utilize your breath during the birth experience giving you a focus and to relax you
    • Decreases anxiety and improves confidence
    • Allows you to relax and enjoy a yogic sleep (nidra) at the end of the class
    • You can also make friends and meet other mums-to-be
    • And share your pregnancy and birth stories with mums to be, meet their new babies and enjoy tea at the last session of each half term
  • Body Soul Yoga...  Promoting, health, happiness and well-being through the practice of yoga and yoga therapy.

    Private Pregnancy Yoga

  • Health Advice

    Be conscious of your body and listen to your body.  Seek medical advice from your GP or midwife regarding your wish to start pregnancy yoga and if your health changes during your pregnancy please seek medical advice and please make sure you tell your yoga teacher.