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  • What is Reiki At Newlands Reiki?

  • I interviewed Hilary from Newlands Reiki in Shepperton.   Here is my interview with her:

    What is Reiki?

    I have been asked many times to explain Reiki and while it's easy to say its a light touch therapeutic healing from Japan; Reiki is best understood when it’s experienced.

    What’s it used for ?

    Headaches; back ache; physical pain, that can be related to injuries; or medical conditions. Also for:  Stress, emotional and mental overloads, helping to encourage you to cut ties with difficult or toxic relationships; healing of the body and pain that is created and held or felt as tension by people. Cancer patients also find it beneficial to help with symptoms while undergoing treatment.

    How does it work ?

    With the gentle laying on of hands, connecting your energy with positive energy to move/remove the pain or tension that is trapped.

    What do I need to bring to a session ?

    Bring yourself, wear loose clothes so you can lie comfortably dressed on the plinth; while relaxing music plays.

    Allow yourself an hour in a safe , relaxing and healing space, that is dedicated to you.

    Please call or email Hilary for more information 07400 924780, coachhilaryryan@gmail.com

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